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Yaro Plumbing's Charlotte drain technicians are experts in residential and commercial drain cleaning. We use the best drain cleaning equipment available on the market.

Yaro Plumbing does not recommend putting liquid plumber, drano, or other chemical drain cleaners into your drains. These harmful chemicals can cause serious injury to the homeowner and plumber that comes to clean the drain. They can eat through all metal pipes, causing leaks behind cabinets, underneath crawlspaces, and in the ground. The chemicals are so corrosive that after a few applications in the kitchen sink, you will have to replace your garbage disposal because the acid will eat it up.

For the "do it yourself" type of people that will go to Home Depot or Lowes and rent a drain cleaning machine. We recommend using extreme caution while operating any electrically powered snaking equipment. Without proper training and experience, it is very easy to get seriously injured by one of these machines. Serious injuries like broken bones, fingers, and other disfigurements can result in mishaps with drain cleaning machines.

How Is Yaro Plumbing Equipped to Handle Your Clogged Drain?

Cleaning drains is our primary business, we love cleaning drains more than anything else. One thing we know from experience is: it’s important to have the right tool for a drain-cleaning job.

All of our Charlotte drain cleaning technicians have been cleaning drains for over two years. We believe this experience is necessary for anyone in the drain cleaning business.

Here at Yaro Plumbing, we use any and all of the following tools to clean out clogged drains:

  • State-of-the-art sewer line video cameras for inspecting the lines so we can determine exactly where the problem lies and how to best solve it, we also can provide you with a DVD video of your drain line
  • Rooter and cable machines, which can handle any indoor drain with ease
  • Professional-grade main sewer machines, which can do bigger 3-6 inch drains

Why Choose Yaro Plumbing to Clean Your Drain?

We are your Charlotte drain cleaning specialists. Whether you have commercial property that needs a quick turnaround or you have a clogged drain emergency in your home, YARO Plumbing Services can send someone out immediately.

When you choose our Charlotte plumbers, you can trust:

  • If we can't unclog your drain for you, there will be no charge for the attempt. We will also provide a solution different than cleaning the drain to fix the problem
  • All work is guaranteed (up to 6 months, depending on the condition of your pipe)
  • We’ll respond immediately and give you an accurate diagnosis of the problem and possible solutions.
  • We can perform any task from unclogging drains, cleaning drains, making repairs, and replacing pipes as needed.
  • Camera inspection comes FREE with any main sewer line cleaning.
  • No extra charge for service on nights, holidays, and weekends
  • We’re open 24/7, offering 24-hour emergency response plumbing
  • Highly trained experts
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured
  • We charge by the job instead of by the hour because we are committed to doing the job right
  • Part of the value that comes with a drain cleaning is we’ll educate you as to how to keep your drain clean and prevent future drain clogs
  • Our technicians will keep your home clean, wearing booties to protect your home and cleaning up after themselves

Common Causes of a Clogged Drain

Drain clogs happen it is a simple fact of life. Some are prevented with some extra care and some cannot. Here are some of the most common causes of clogged drains:

  • Tree roots that have infiltrated a broken pipe
  • Hair accumulation in the drain
  • Grease build up and poured down the drain
  • Food build up (putting too much in the garbage disposal)
  • Soap build-up in showers and tubs

While you can take steps to prevent some of these problems (for example, don’t pour grease down the drain, and don’t let hair wash down the sink and shower drains), tree roots may break through your pipes with no warnings at all. A hairline crack in the pipe. Can allow tree roots into the pipe. Cause serious pipe blockage and a serious problem, requiring replacement of your pipes.

In most cases, it’s tough for a homeowner to determine if a clogged drain is caused by something like food, grease, or hair build up or if it’s a bigger problem like a tree root, but Yaro Plumbing’s sewer cameras can identify the problem quickly and easily. Don’t waste your time trying to figure it out yourself. We’ll diagnose the problem and present you with your repair options so you can make an educated choice about how to best solve the problem.

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